Step 1: Choosing your domain name.

Step 1:

Choosing your domain name.



To Make a Website You Need a Domain Name.

The first step to getting a website online is actually having a domain name to put it on. A domain name is your address online so your website can be found. For example, my domain name is

Registering your domain is as easy as paying a yearly fee to keep your name and as long as you keep renewing, you’ll own the domain name.

But how do you choose a good domain name for your website? Keep reading to find out.





Quick Tips for Choosing a Domain Name.

Chances are you’ll be using your domain for a long time, so choosing a good one is important. You could either go for a catchy brand name like or for something that clearly explains what the site is about, like for example. Here are a few tips to think about:

  • Keep it simple and easy to spell.
  • Try and keep it short and catchy.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers that are hard to remember.
  • Don’t use trademark words.
  • Try to register the .com domain.


Where Do I Register My Domain?

There are dozens of companies that you can register your domain name through but the best option is to get a free domain when you buy web hosting. In step 2 you’ll learn about hosting and how to pick a cheap and reliable one. Most quality hosts will give you a free domain which makes setting up your website easier.


Continue to Step 2: Web Hosting

Step 2: Web Hosting Click here to continue!


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