Step 2: Choosing your web hosting.

Step 2:

Choosing your web hosting.



How Does Web Hosting Work?

Put simply, web hosting is where you store your actual website files so that people can see them when visiting your domain. There are so many hosts to choose from but you need one that is cheap, reliable and easy to use.

To make a website, the only cost you have to pay is for your hosting. Your domain name will come free as part of your hosting signup.

Not all hosting is good though so you need to know what to look for and choose a reliable host.




Tips for Choosing a Good Web Host.

There are lots of hosting companies out there so it can be difficult to choose one over another. Here are a few tips:

  • Use well known and well used services.
  • Make sure they have been in business a long time.
  • Check that they have 24/7 support by phone and email.
  • Make sure they have a good money back guarantee.
  • Do they offer unlimited domains, data transfer and disk space?



How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

For a brand new website you should pay the cheapest price possible for reliable hosting.

Anything more than $5 a month is too expensive. I have sites with thousands of daily visitors and I only pay $3.99 a month for the hosting.

In step 3 I’ll show you which host I use and how to get a free domain with them. I also walk you through this entire 3 step process from registering a domain, buying hosting and building a website in just 10 minutes so you can follow along as well.


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Step 3: Build Your Website
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