Step 3: Building your website!

Step 3:

Building your website!



Which Software to Use.

There are dozens of website builders available but for almost any kind of site you want to build, WordPress is the easiest to use and almost 20% of sites on the internet are using it. If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to use WordPress.

Oh, and like this guide, it’s free!

With just a few short clicks, you’ll have WordPress installed and be able to add pages as easily as you can in Word. It’s the best website builder on the web and I use it for every site I make.




Which Host Should You Use?

Personally, I use and recommend Web Hosting Hub. Of all the web hosting companies I’ve used, here’s why I like them the most:

  • They give you a free domain name.
  • Their 24/7 support is very, very good.
  • You can install WordPress or other software with one click.
  • You get unlimited web space so you won’t be charged for overuse.
  • You can host multiple sites.
  • They are very cheap but also reliable - the perfect combo!


Watch Me Build a Website With Web Hosting Hub.

step3-arrow-2For a brand new website you should pay the cheapest price possible for reliable hosting.

Anything more than $5 a month is too expensive. I have sites with thousands of daily visitors and I only pay $3.99 a month for the hosting.

In step 3 I’ll show you which host I use and how to get a free domain with them. I also walk you through this entire 3 step process from registering a domain, buying hosting and building a website in just 10 minutes so you can follow along as well.

Visit Web Hosting Hub to Start Making Your Website.


Make Your Website!
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